Electoral Vote Predictor 2004:   Kerry 285   Bush 249

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dark blue Strong Kerry (157)
light blue Weak Kerry (17)
white and blue Barely Kerry (128)
white Exactly tied (4)
white and red Barely Bush (28)
light red Weak Bush (60)
dark red Strong Bush (144)
June 19 New polls: RI

News from the Votemaster

Not too much news today. Brown University published a poll about RI, the first one since February. Kerry is still miles ahead there, as expected.

To keep everyone from being bored, I wrote a bit of material about the polling process.

I also updated the format of the Excel spreadsheet. The state names now code information: blue if Kerry is ahead by 5% or more, red if Bush is ahead by 5% or more, white if they are within 5% of each other. I considered using six colors, three shades of blue and three shades of red, but Excel's conditional formatting can't handle that. Besides it might be a tad confusing. And the cartoon has been updated.

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-- The votemaster