absentee ballot for overseas voter

Election 2000 Final Results:   Gore 266   Bush 271

Data in Excel format


dark blue Strong Gore (168)
light blue Weak Gore (36)
white and blue Barely Gore (63)
white and red Barely Bush (76)
light red Weak Bush (49)
dark red Strong Bush (146)
Dec. 18, 2000  

Map of 2000 Election by Counties

Here is a map of the 2000 election in terms of who won which county. As can be seen, Bush won the vast majority of counties, in fact, virtually all of them except the ones where a lot of people live. Even in solid blue states like New York and California, most of the counties went for Bush. Although it is not discussed much, in 2000 (and probably 2004), the country is polarized into the red rural, conservative, religious counties and the blue urban, liberal, secular counties. Alaska is white because no county data is available.

Map by counties


One Gore elector, Barbara Lett-Simmons of D.C. cast a blank ballot in protest of D.C.'s not having representation in Congress. Gore actually won 267 electoral votes.

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