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Kerry 252   Bush 286  
Senate: Dem 51   GOP 49  
House: Dem 233   GOP 202  

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strong Dem Strong Dem (146)
weak Dem Weak Dem (37)
barely Dem Barely Dem (69)
tied Exactly tied (0)
barely GOP Barely GOP (37)
weak GOP Weak GOP (66)
strong GOP Strong GOP (183)
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News from the Votemaster

Superguru Charlie Cook has an interesting article on party affiliation. He reports on a Gallup poll that asks people which party people identify with or lean towards. In this poll, the Democrats lead 50.4% to 40.2%, with the rest refusing to state a preference. While presidential elections depend largely on the personality of the candidates, and to some extent Senate elections do too, many people don't know much about their congressman and just vote their favorite party's candidate. This poll does not bode well for the Republicans chances of picking up the 15 seats they need to recapture the House in 2008. Cook goes on to point out that in such a climate, we can expect some elderly Republican representatives to throw in the towel and retire rather than face defeat. Such open seats will mean the Republicans have to play defense as well as offense.

Presidential campaigns have a funny way of turning on unexpected events. Dave Michaels on PoliticalDerby.com has compiled a potential list.

This page is the prototype for 2008. The data and map will refer to previous elections until serious polls begin in 2008. The blog will be updated when there is interesting news about the 2008 races.

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