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weak GOP Weak GOP (1)
strong GOP Strong GOP (48)
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News from the Votemaster

Senator Macaca (R-VA) is in deep doo-doo. His off-the-cuff remark in which he called an Indian-American opposition cameraman a racist name is hurting him badly. His support among younger voters has gone from +23 to -17, a 40-point swing in a week, and his large lead over Jim Webb has turned into a statistical tie. This race is now going to be a very high priority for both parties because if the Democrats can pull off upsets in Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, all of which are very plausible, this could be the sixth seat they need to take over the Senate. This incident shows how much race is still a hugely emotionally charged issue in the U.S., and the cameraman wasn't even an African-American.

In Maine, poor Jean Hay Bright is doing her best but it isn't enough. Popular incumbent senator Olympia Snowe is an astounding 48 points ahead, 68% to 20%. That is about as safe as Senate seats go.

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absentee ballot for overseas voter