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News from the Votemaster

The dead woman lost. Kathy Augustine didn't win the Republican primary for Nevada state treasurer, probably because election officials posted signs in all precincts warning people about her recent death. A Las Vegas businessman, Mark DeStefano, won. No repeat of the Missouri 2000 Senate race here.

In more mundane news, a new EPIC-MRA poll in Michigan confirms the earlier SurveyUSA poll taken just after Michael Bouchard got the Republican senatorial nomination. Incumbent Debbie Stabenow is comfortably ahead, 12% in this poll. She looks safe.

Tennessee is getting closer however. Harold Ford has pulled to within 6% of Bob Corker. This is an important race because even if the Democrats beat all five vulnerable incumbent Republicans (MO, MT, OH, PA, and RI), they still need one more to capture the Senate. Tennessee is one of the possibilities, so this will be a hard-fought race.

Down in Florida, Katherine Harris, is not getting any traction at all. She is one of the two Republican senatorial candidates that the NRSC would love to dump (the other is Alan Schlesinger/Gold in CT), but she's determined to lose this one on her own. The latest poll puts her 30% behind incumbent Bill Nelson.

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