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News from the Votemaster

Two new polls today, both in battleground states. In Pennsylvania, Bob Casey (D) is slipping ever so slightly from a 9% lead over Rick Santorum (R) to a 7% lead, but this is still way outside the margin of error. There is also a Green party candidates for the Senate in PA, Carl Romanelli, who could siphon votes away from Casey. However, it is well known that when the Democratic candidate is way ahead, people on the far left feel free to vote for fringe candidates (and vice versa), but if the race tightens up, most will vote for Casey in the end because they hate Santorum so much.

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill (D) has taken a 1% lead over incumbent (R-MO) Jim Talent, who got his job in 2002 after defeating the wife of a dead man elected to the Senate in 2000 (Mel Carnahan).

Speaking of dead people being elected to public office, just to show that that is not just a man's game, there is an excellent chance that a dead woman will win an election today in Nevada. Kathy Augustine, who is running in the Republican primary for state treasurer, suddenly died. Her name will still be on the ballot and she is expected to win, dead or not. Dead politicians do have some real advantages over live ones: they can't be bribed, they never act hastily, and they are rarely involved in sex scandals. Maybe the voters are on to something. We'll see tomorrow.

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