Electoral Vote Predictor 2004:   Kerry 258   Bush 276

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dark blue Strong Kerry (157)
light blue Weak Kerry (22)
white and blue Barely Kerry (79)
white Exactly tied (4)
white and red Barely Bush (45)
light red Weak Bush (76)
dark red Strong Bush (155)
June 16 New polls: FL NY WA

News from the Votemaster

Big news today. For the first time since May 24, George Bush has retaken the lead. A new Florida poll from Survey USA gives him a 7 point lead there, which is enough to flip the results nationally. Once again, Florida could be the determining factor in the election. As rcently as May 29, Kerry was ahead by 116 EV. Today Bush is ahead by 18 EV, a change of 134 EV in less than 3 weeks. This switch demonstrates how volatile the election is and how large swings can happen in a very short time. Stay tuned to follow the action.

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-- The votemaster