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First Half Fundraising Release for Vulnerable House Democrats     Permalink

CQ Politics has published the fundraising numbers for the 42 Democrats regarded as vulnerable in 2010 due to their junior status and/or the partisan composition of their districts. These are representatives the Republicans are going to try extra hard to defeat in 2010. Here are the numbers. The colors are based on the PVIs. Blue lines are districts more Democratic than the national average; red lines are districts more Republican than the national average (based on the past two presidential elections.)./p>

Representative District PVI Raised Spent Cash on Hand
Gabrielle Giffords AZ-08 R+4 $658K $114K $1213K
John Adler NJ-03 R+1 $983K $133K $869K
Gary Peters MI-09 D+2 $908K $105K $847K
Zack Space OH-18 R+7 $725K $157K $819K
Jim Himes CT-04 D+5 $973K $243K $760K
Michael McMahon NY-13 R+4 $598K $162K $645K
Mark Schauer MI-07 R+2 $737K $117K $633K
Bill Foster IL-14 R+1 $791K $212K $593K
Dan Maffei NY-25 D+3 $819K $230K $585K
Harry Teague NM-02 R+6 $620K $68K $574K
Harry Mitchell AZ-05 R+5 $482K $83K $533K
Debbie Halvorson IL-11 R+1 $657K $186K $522K
Suzanne Kosmas FL-24 R+4 $606K $110K $520K
Jerry McNerney CA-11 R+1 $565K $178K $519K
Glenn Nye VA-02 R+5 $620K $140K $513K
Betsy Markey CO-04 R+6 $610K $123K $508K
Frank Kratovil Jr. MD-01 R+13 $602K $115K $504K
Walt Minnick ID-01 R+18 $599K $124K $481K
Martin Heinrich NM-01 D+5 $606K $164K $475K
John Boccieri OH-16 R+4 $458K $67K $463K
Kathy Dahlkemper PA-03 R+3 $522K $76K $457K
Dina Titus NV-03 D+2 $479K $117K $441K
Steve Driehaus OH-01 D+1 $447K $52K $438K
Parker Griffith AL-05 R+12 $521K $154K $424K
Ann Kirkpatrick AZ-01 R+6 $514K $111K $423K
Gerry Connolly VA-11 D+2 $538K $138K $423K
Baron Hill IN-09 R+6 $481K $81K $402K
Ciro Rodriguez TX-23 R+4 $476K $152K $401K
Tom Perriello VA-05 R+5 $438K $101K $381K
Kurt Schrader OR-05 D+1 $403K $92K $360K
Bobby Bright AL-02 R+16 $440K $125K $358K
Mary Jo Kilroy OH-15 D+1 $505K $168K $349K
Steve Kagen WI-08 R+2 $450K $113K $343K
Eric Massa NY-29 R+5 $515K $191K $336K
Michael Arcuri NY-24 R+2 $449K $166K $314K
Christopher Carney PA-10 R+8 $355K $81K $306K
Leonard Boswell IA-03 D+1 $309K $115K $296K
Travis Childers MS-01 R+14 $439K $179K $289K
Scott Murphy NY-20 R+2 $2517K $2231K $285K
Larry Kissell NC-08 R+2 $323K $120K $214K
Carol Shea-Porter NH-01 R+0 $251K $75K $211K
Alan Grayson FL-08 R+2 $301K $113K $193K

Cuomo Raises $5.1 Million     Permalink

Although his mouth says he is not running for governor, his wallet is singing a different song. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo raised $5.1 million in the first half of 2009 (vs. $2.4 million) for the declared candidate and incumbent governor, David Paterson. Five million dollars is a lot of money for a popular incumbent AG in a very blue state, with no Republican opponents on the horizon and election more than a year away. Could Cuomo be loading up his piggy bank just in case "the people asked me to run for governor"? As Sarah Palin would put it: "You betcha." With repeated polls showing that Cuomo would crush all primary and general election opponents with ease, the son of a former governor is surely just collecting money and biding his time until he is ready to make his move. With his near 100% name recognition in the state already, he could wait until next Spring to declare his candidacy. And Cuomo is surely aware that big-state governors are automatically presidential wannabes. Besides, if he runs and wins twice, he will have been a cabinet officer, AG, as well as governor for six years. Plenty of resume for the ambitious Cuomo.

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