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House Dem 257   GOP 178  

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Garamendi Reverses Course to Run for Congress Remembering Iowa
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News from the Votemaster

Coleman Files Appeal to Minnesota Supreme Court     Permalink

As expected, former senator Norm Coleman filed an appeal to the state Supreme Court asking the court to reverse the election. Since the three-judge panel overseeing the election contest very specifically addressed all the points Coleman made in his appeal, it will be an uphill climb for him. Even if they concede on some of the points, Coleman still has to find a net of 313 votes to win. The appeal could take several weeks or longer.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Running for Governor     Permalink

The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom (D), is now officially running for governor of California. He is expected to be followed by a whole raft of other Democrats, including Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D), Lt. Gov John Garamendi (D), and possibly former governor Jerry Brown (D). However, if Sen. Dianne Feinstein announces, she would instantly be the favorite. On the Republican side, former eBay executive Meg Whitman is a likely candidate among others.

McCain Gets Primary Challenger     Permalink

The founder of the anti-illegal-immigrant Minutemen, Chris Simcox, has announced that he will challenge Sen. John McCain in a primary next year. Simcox blasted McCain for his bill to allow illegal immigrants become citizens. This development puts McCain in a bit of a bind. If he tries to out-Tancredo Simcox, he will antagonize Arizona's substantial Latino population and if he supports granting citizenship to illegals he will antagonize the right wing of the Republican party. He is still the favorite, but a really bloody ideological primary could hurt him in the general election--assuming the Democrats can find a top-tier candidate.

Committees Report on March Fundraising     Permalink

The national committees have now reported on how much money the raised and spent in March. The results are below in millions of dollars.

Committee March receipts Disbursements Cash on Hand Debt
DNC $7.8 $6.6 $9.8 $6.7
RNC $6.9 $6.9 $23.9 $0
DSCC $5.0 (Not reported) $7.2 $10.8
NRSC $4.9 (Not reported) $2.3 $1.0
DCCC $10.2 $9.8 $3.4 $8
NRCC $5.3 $3.9 $3.2 $5.0

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