Senate and House Retirements 2022

In every election cycle a certain number of senators and representatives retire or run for other offices leaving behind open seats for their parties to defend. Here are the number of retirements in recent years:

Year Democrats Republicans
2022 1 5
2020 1 3
2018 0 4
2016 3 2
2014 5 3
2012 6 3
2010 5 6
2008 0 5
2006 2 1
Year Democrats Republicans
2022 33 17
2020 12 36
2018 18 34
2016 8 20
2014 16 25
2012 23 20
2010 17 20
2008 6 27
2006 9 18

Here are the numbers so far for the 2024 election:

Chamber Democrats Republicans
Senate 2 1
House 9 4

Here is the list of senators who are retiring this cycle (sorted alphabetically by state):

Senator Party State Reason for retirement
Mike Braun Republican Indiana He is running for governor
Dianne Feinstein Democratic California She is too old and way past her use-by date
Debbie Stabenow Democratic Michigan She got tried of being a senator. She could have been reelected easily

Here are the announced House retirements, sorted on PVI (Cook Partisan Voting Index) based on the 2022 districts.
Any seat between R+5 and D+5 is a swing district that has to be fought over, even more so if occupied by the "wrong" party.

Representative Party District PVI Reason for retirement
Alex Mooney Republican WV-02 R+22 He is running for Joe Manchin's Senate seat in West Virginia
Dan Bishop Republican NC-08 R+20 He is running for the open AG seat in North Carolina
Jim Banks Republican IN-03 R+18 He is running for the open Indiana Senate seat
Victoria Spartz Republican IN-05 R+11 Possibly due to some run-ins with Kevin McCarthy
Elissa Slotkin Democratoc MI-07 R+2 She is running for Debbie Stabenow's open Senate seat
David Trone Democratic MD-06 D+2 He is running for Ben Cardin's open Senate seat
Katie Porter Democratic CA-47 D+3 She is running for Dianne Feinstein's open Senate seat
Jennifer Wexton Democratic VA-10 D+6 She is retiring after being diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy
Lisa Rochester Democratic DE-AL D+7 She is running for Tom Carper's open Senate seat
Colin Allred Democratic TX-32 D+14 He is running for the Senate against Ted Cruz
Grace Napolitano Democratic CA-31 D+15 She's 86 and the oldest member of the House. It was just time to go
Adam Schiff Democratic CA-30 D+23 He is running for Dianne Feinstein's open Senate seat
Ruben Gallego Democratic AZ-03 D+24 He is running for Kyrsten Sinema's Senate seat in Arizona
Barbara Lee Democratic CA-12 D+40 She is running for Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat in California