Senate and House Retirements 2022

In every election cycle a certain number of senators and representatives retire or run for other offices leaving behind open seats for their parties to defend. Here are the number of retirements in recent years:

Year Democrats Republicans
2022 1 5
2020 1 3
2018 0 4
2016 3 2
2014 5 3
2012 6 3
2010 5 6
2008 0 5
2006 2 1
Year Democrats Republicans
2022 33 17
2020 12 36
2018 18 34
2016 8 20
2014 16 25
2012 23 20
2010 17 20
2008 6 27
2006 9 18

Here are the numbers so far for the 2024 election:

Chamber Democrats Republicans
Senate 5 2
House 22 11

Here is the list of senators who are retiring this cycle (sorted alphabetically by state):

Senator Party State Reason for retirement
Mike Braun Republican Indiana He is running for governor.
Mitt Romney Republican Utah He's getting up there in years, and he's out of step with the modern GOP.
Laphonza Butler Democratic California She is just a placeholder.
Tom Carper Democratic Delaware He's 76 and decided that he's had enough.
Ben Cardin Democratic Maryland He's 80 and decided that he's had enough.
Debbie Stabenow Democratic Michigan She got tried of being a senator. She could have been reelected easily.
Joe Manchin Democratic West Virginia He's also 76 and probably realized he couldn't win reelection.

Here are the announced House retirements, sorted on PVI (Cook Partisan Voting Index) based on the 2022 districts.
Any seat between R+5 and D+5 is a swing district that has to be fought over, even more so if occupied by the "wrong" party.

Representative Party District PVI Reason for retirement
Brad Wenstrup Republican OH-02 R+25 No clear reason; at 65 he apparently just had enough
Patrick McHenry Republican NC-10 R+22 He is unhappy with his colleagues and ready for something new
Alex Mooney Republican WV-02 R+22 He is running for Joe Manchin's Senate seat in West Virginia
Dan Bishop Republican NC-08 R+20 He is running for the open AG seat in North Carolina
Drew Ferguson Republican GA-03 R+18 He says he wants to spend more time with family
Jim Banks Republican IN-03 R+18 He is running for the open Indiana Senate seat
Ken Buck Republican CO-04 R+13 He keeps bucking his party and getting nowhere; he's sick of it
Michael Burgess Republican TX-26 R+13 He thinks he is older than dirt at 72
Kay Granger Republican TX-12 R+12 She is 80 and tired of being pushed around by the Freedom Caucus
Kathy Manning Democratic NC-06 R+11 Her district has been gerrymandered to be unwinnable for a Democrat
Victoria Spartz Republican IN-05 R+11 Possibly due to some run-ins with Kevin McCarthy
Debbie Lesko Republican AZ-08 R+10 She is tired of Washington
Wiley Nickel Democratic NC-13 R+2 His district has been gerrymandered to be unwinnable for him
Elissa Slotkin Democratic MI-07 R+2 She is running for Debbie Stabenow's open Senate seat
Dan Kildee Democratic MI-08 R+1 He had cancer and is reassessing his life now
Abigail Spanberger Democratic VA-07 D+1 She is running for goveror of Virginia
David Trone Democratic MD-06 D+2 He is running for Ben Cardin's open Senate seat
Katie Porter Democratic CA-47 D+3 She is running for Dianne Feinstein's open Senate seat
Andy Kim Democratic NJ-03 D+5 He is running in the Senate primary against Sen. Bob Menendez
Derek Kilmer Democratic WA-06 D+6 The job is taking too big a toll on his family
Jennifer Wexton Democratic VA-10 D+6 She is retiring after being diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy
Jeff Jackson Democratic NC-14 D+6 Quit to run for NC AG before he could be gerrymandered out of a job
Lisa Rochester Democratic DE-AL D+7 She is running for Tom Carper's open Senate seat
Dean Phillips Democratic MN-03 D+8 He is running for the Democratic nomination for president
John Sarbanes Democratic MD-03 D+10 Tired of the mess in the House
Colin Allred Democratic TX-32 D+14 He is running for the Senate against Ted Cruz
Grace Napolitano Democratic CA-31 D+15 She's 86 and the oldest member of the House. It was just time to go
Earl Blumenauer Democratic OR-03 D+22 After 14 terms, he's just had enough
Adam Schiff Democratic CA-30 D+23 He is running for Dianne Feinstein's open Senate seat
Ruben Gallego Democratic AZ-03 D+24 He is running for Kyrsten Sinema's Senate seat in Arizona
Anna Eshoo Democratic CA-16 D+26 She is 80 and has been in the House for 30 years; enough is enough
Tony Cardenas Democratic CA-29 D+26 He wanted to be in leadership, it didn't work out, so he's done after 28 years
Barbara Lee Democratic CA-12 D+40 She is running for Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat