Senate and House Retirements 2022

In every election cycle a certain number of senators and representatives retire or run for other offices leaving behind open seats for their parties to defend. Here are the number of retirements in recent years:

Year Democrats Republicans
2020 1 3
2018 0 4
2016 3 2
2014 5 3
2012 6 3
2010 5 6
2008 0 5
2006 2 1
Year Democrats Republicans
2020 12 36
2018 18 34
2016 8 20
2014 16 25
2012 23 20
2010 17 20
2008 6 27
2006 9 18

Here are the numbers so far for the 2022 election:

Chamber Democrats Republicans
Senate 1 5
House 33 19

Here is the list of senators who are retiring this cycle (sorted alphabetically by state):

Senator Party State Reason for retirement
Roy Blunt Republican Missouri He is a old-style dealmaker and there are no deals to be made any more
Richard Burr Republican North Carolina He is compromised by an inside-trading scandal
Rob Portman Republican Ohio He is a moderate who can't stand the dysfunctional Senate
Richard Shelby Republican Alabama He will be 88 on Election Day 2022
Pat Toomey Republican Pennsylvania He would probably lose if he ran
Pat Leahy Democratic Vermont After a health scare, decided eight terms was enough

Here are the announced House retirements, sorted on PVI (Cook Partisan Voting Index) based on the 2020 districts.
In other words, it is based on the old districts, before reapportionment. The PVIs will change once new districts are drawn,
but all we have now are the old ones. Any seat between R+5 and D+5 is a swing district that has to be fought over,
even more so if occupied by the "wrong" party.

Representative Party District PVI Reason for retirement
Kevin Brady Republican TX-08 R+28 He hit the term limit for chairing the Ways and Means Committee
Louie Gohmert Republican TX-01 R+25 Running for Texas AG
Billy Long Republican MO-07 R+24 Running for the seat that Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is vacating
Vicky Hartzler Republican MO-04 R+20 Running for the seat that Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is vacating
Ted Budd Republican NC-13 R+20 Running for the seat that Sen. Richard Burr (R-MO) is vacating
Frederick Keller Republican PA-12 R+20 Pennsylvania is losing a seat, and he was odd man out
Mo Brooks Republican AL-05 R+17 Running for the seat that Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) is vacating
Jody Hice Republican GA-10 R+15 Running for Georgia Secretary of State
Trey Hollingsworth Republican IN-09 R+13 He is keeping his promise to serve only four terms
Bob Gibbs Republican OH-07 R+12 His rural district became somewhat competitive
Adam Kinzinger Republican IL-16 R+10 Republicans don't like Trump critics
Lee Zeldin Republican NY-01 R+8 Running for governor of New York
Anthony Gonzalez Republican OH-16 R+8 He voted to impeach Trump and is now in Trump's crosshairs
Devin Nunes Republican CA-22 R+6 Left to run Donald Trump's social media company
Tom Reed Republican NY-23 R+6 Got enmeshed in a #MeToo-type scandal
Van Taylor Republican TX-03 R+6 Adultery
Ron Kind Democratic WI-03 R+4 Tired of close elections, says he's "run out of gas"
Antonio Delgado Democratic NY-19 R+3 Agreed to become (temporary) lieutenant governor of New York
Conor Lamb Democratic PA-17 R+2 Running for the seat that Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is vacating
Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic AZ-02 R+1 Her seat could be vulnerable after redistricting
Stephanie Murphy Democratic FL-07 EVEN Probably due to the possibility of her district being made redder
Tim Ryan Democratic OH-13 D+1 Running for the seat that Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) is vacating
Charlie Crist Democratic FL-13 D+2 He is running for governor
Cheri Bustos Democratic IL-17 D+3 She badly botched her job as chair of the DCCC
John Katko Republican NY-24 D+3 Trump is out to get him and the district will probably get bluer
Tom Suozzi Democratic NY-03 D+3 Running for governor of New York
Kathleen Rice Democratic NY-04 D+4 She is a moderate in a caucus increasingly dominated by progressives
John Yarmuth Democratic KY-03 D+6 At 75, he prefers playing with his grandson to politics
Ed Perlmutter Democratic CO-07 D+6 He's 68, and says it's time to pass the baton to the next generation
Ted Deutch Democratic FL-22 D+6 Leaving to become CEO for the American Jewish Committee
Jerry McNerney Democratic CA-09 D+7 He's 70 and ready to move on to new things
Peter DeFazio Democratic OR-04 D+9 At 74, and after 18 terms, he's had his fill
Jim Cooper Democratic TN-05 D+9 Gerrymandering turned his blue district red
Filemón Vela Democratic TX-34 D+10 His seat will definitely be vulnerable after GOP-led redistricting
Val Demings Democratic FL-10 D+12 Going to challenge Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Alan Lowenthal Democratic CA-47 D+13 He is 80 and doesn't want to be in the minority
Mike Doyle Democratic PA-18 D+13 He is frustrated that the House Democrats can't agree on anything
Peter Welch Democratic VT-AL D+15 He is running for the seat that Sen. Pat Leahy (D) is vacating
Kai Kahele Democratic HI-02 D+15 He is running for governor
Jim Langevin Democratic RI-02 D+16 He has had his fill after 11 terms
David Price Democratic NC-04 D+17 Republicans will probably radically change his district
George Butterfield Democratic NC-01 D+17 Republicans changed his district to be D+1
Bobby Rush Democratic IL-01 D+22 At 75, wants to focus on his ministry
Albio Sires Democratic NJ-08 D+27 He said: "The whole atmosphere in Washngton is awful"
Jackie Speier Democratic CA-14 D+28 Four decades in politics is enough
Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic TX-30 D+29 She'll be 86 on Election Day 2022
Anthony Brown Democratic MD-04 D+29 Running for AG of Maryland
Brenda Lawrence Democratic MI-14 D+30 The new district maps were not to her liking
Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic CA-40 D+33 She's 80 and her district has changed shape, though still very blue
Karen Bass Democratic CA-37 D+36 Running for mayor of Los Angeles