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Open Seats and Special Elections

Normally the winner of the Senate seat in 2004 would be running for reelection in 2010. This page lists races where that is not the case, either because the 2004 winner is retiring in 2010 or because he or she has resigned and a special election is being held in 2010. Seats like these tend to be more competitive than usual. The colors represent the incumbent party.

Also check out the page discussing the All Senate races.

State Incumbent Party Type Notes
CO Michael Bennet Dem Reg. Appointed after Ken Salazar became Sec. of the Interior
CT Chris Dodd Dem Reg. Polls show that he would have been crushed
DE Ted Kaufman Dem Spec. Appointed to Joe Biden's seat; retiring in 2010
FL George LeMieux GOP Reg. Placeholder after Mel Martinez' retirement
IL Roland Burris Dem Reg. Appointed to Barack Obama's seat
IN Evan Bayh Dem Reg. Retiring from politics; it has become too partisan for him
KS Sam Brownback GOP Reg. Retiring; running for governor
KY Jim Bunning GOP Reg. Republican Party essentially forced him out
MO Kit Bond GOP Reg. Retiring; had enough and would be in for a tough battle
NH Judd Gregg GOP Reg. Retiring after appointment flap
NY Kirsten Gillibrand Dem Spec. Appointed when Hillary Clinton became Sec. of State
ND Byron Dorgan Dem Reg. Retiring from politics
OH George Voinovich GOP Reg. Retiring; had enough and would be in for a tough battle
PA Arlen Specter Dem Reg. Specter ran in 2004 as a Republican, now as a Democrat

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