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House Races in which the 2008 Winner is Not Running

This is a list of House seats in which the 2008 winner is not going to be running in 2010. Some are open seats and some were filled by special elections. Open seats like these tend to be especially competitive unless the PVI (Charlie Cook's Partisan Voting Index) is very skewed one way or another, say D+10 or higher or R+10 or higher. All the district names are hyperlinked, either to a story about the race (if competitive) or a map of the district (if not). The colors represent the party that won in 2008.

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District 2008 winner Party PVI Reason 2008 Winner is Not Running in 2010
AL-07 Artur Davis Dem D+18 Running for governor
CA-10 Ellen Tauscher Dem D+11 Appointed Undersecretary of State
CA-31 Hilda Solis Dem D+29 Resigned to become Sec. of Labor
DE-AL Mike Castle GOP D+7 Castle is running for the Senate
FL-12 Adam Putnam GOP R+6 Running for Agriculture Commissioner
FL-17 Kendrick Meek Dem D+34 Running for Mel Martinez' open Senate seat
FL-19 Robert Wexler Dem D+15 Will join a nonprofit organization in January 2010
GA-09 Nathan Deal GOP R+28 Running for governor
HI-01 Neil Abercrombie Dem D+11 Running for governor
IL-05 Rahm Emanuel Dem D+19 Resigned to become WH CoS (replaced by Mike Quigley)
IL-07 Danny Davis Dem D+35 Running for Cook County President
IL-10 Mark Kirk GOP D+6 Running for Roland Burris' open Senate seat
HI-01 Neil Abercrombie Dem D+11 Running for governor
KS-01 Jerry Moran GOP R+23 Running for Sam Brownback's open Senate seat
KS-04 Todd Tiahrt GOP R+14 Running for Sam Brownback's open Senate seat
LA-03 Charlie Melancon Dem R+12 Running for the Senate against Vitter
MI-02 Peter Hoekstra GOP R+9 Running for governor
MO-07 Roy Blunt GOP R+17 Running for the Kit Bond's open Senate seat
OK-05 Mary Falin GOP R+13 Running for governor
NH-02 Paul Hodes Dem D+0 Running for Judd Gregg's open Senate seat
NY-20 Kirsten Gillibrand Dem R+2 Appointed to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat
NY-23 John McHugh GOP R+1 Appointed Secretary of the Army
PA-06 Jim Gerlach GOP D+4 Running for governor
PA-07 Joe Sestak Dem D+3 Running for senator
OK-05 Mary Fallin GOP R+13 Running for governor
SC-03 Greshman Barrett GOP R+17 Running for governor
TN-03 Zach Wamp GOP R+13 Running for governor
TN-06 Bart Gordon Dem R+13 At a young 60, he had decided he's had enough
TN-08 John Tanner Dem R+6 At 65, he's had enough of politics
WA-03 Brian Baird Dem D+0 Apparently just bored; he's young and popular

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