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New Senate:     51 Democrats     49 Republicans    

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weak GOP Weak GOP (1)
strong GOP Strong GOP (47)
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We're still waiting for the outcomes in FL-13 , NC-08 , and TX-23 . The former is the most important, since it could conceivably result in paperless voting machines being outlawed in Florida. In case, you just tuned in, 18,000 voters in Sarasota County didn't bother to vote for Congress, an undervote rate 4 or 5 times higher than in other counties in FL-13 . The catch: Sarasota County used electronic voting machines and the others didn't. Florida Supreme Court, here we come.

I am not going to update this site every day from now on, but I will do that from time to time, especially when I find an article related to 2008 that seems interesting. I will also make a start on the 2008 Website shortly. Check back maybe once to week and click on "Pevious report" above to see if you missed anything.

For example, David Broder had a very nice column on New Hampshire and Iowa politics. In short, the Democrats won all the marbles in New Hampshire and did pretty well in Iowa, too. Winning the governorship, both House seats, and both houses of the state legislature is especially noteworthy in New Hampshire since the state has traditionally been fairly Republican. Probably both (Republican) senators were giving thanks last week that they weren't on the ballot.

Projected New House:     232 Democrats     200 Republicans     3 Ties

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absentee ballot for overseas voter