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News from the Votemaster

It is now official: Jean Schmidt (R) won reelection in OH-02 over Victoria Wulsin (D). Schmidt is the freshman congresswoman who called John Murtha (R-PA), a 38-year veteran of the Marine Corps, a coward. I had already noted her as the winner. I have also noted Deborah Pryce as the winner in her Ohio House race. Furthermore, John Barrow (D) has now been declared the winner in GA-12 over Max Burns (R). This means that the election was a shutout: No incumbent Democrat running for reelection in the Senate, House, or a governor's mansion was defeated. Every Democrat who tried to be relected for these offices was. I don't think this has ever happened before. Even in 1994, a few incumbent Republicans were beaten.

The races still to be decided are FL-13 , NC-08 , and TX-23 . All are held by Republicans, so even if the Republicans win all three of them, it will still be a shutout.

The Wall Street Journal has a comparison of how well the pollsters did on the Senate races. See also my table on Nov. 12. Briefly summarized, here are the results for the Senate:

Arizona - Kyl (R) by 9%: all pollsters within MoE
Maryland - Cardin (D) by 11%: Zogby close; rest underestimated Cardin
Michigan - Stabenow (D) by 16%: Rasmussen perfect, EPIC good; Zogby, SUSA too low
Minnesota - Klobuchar (D) by 20%: everybody underestimated her
Missouri - McCaskill (D) by 2%: Everybody within MoE
Montana - Tester (D) by 1%: Everybody within MoE
New Jersey - Menendez (D) by 8%: M-D a bit too low; rest within MoE
Ohio - Brown (D) by 12%: Rasmussen perfect; SUSA too high; Zogby too low
Pennsylvania - Casey (D) by 18%: Everybody underestimated Casey
Rhode Island - Whitehouse (D) by 6%: Rasmussen good; Zogby too high; M-D too low
Tennessee - Corker (R) by 3%: M-D and Zogby expected bigger Corker wins; rest ok
Virginia - Webb (D) by 1%: Zogby, M-D perfect; rest, slightly off
Washington - Cantwell (D) by 19%: everybody underestimated her; M-D came closest

All in all, the pollsters did quite well this time.

Projected New House:     232 Democrats     200 Republicans     3 Ties

Dem pickups: AZ-05 AZ-08 CA-11 CO-07 CT-02 CT-05 FL-16 FL-22 IA-01 IA-02 IN-02 IN-08 IN-09 KS-02 KY-03 MN-01 NC-11 NH-01 NH-02 NY-19 NY-20 NY-24 OH-18 PA-04 PA-07 PA-08 PA-10 TX-22 WI-08

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