May 04 absentee ballot for overseas voters

Kerry 252   Bush 286  
Senate: Dem 51   GOP 49  
House: Dem 233   GOP 202  

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weak Dem Weak Dem (37)
barely Dem Barely Dem (69)
tied Exactly tied (0)
barely GOP Barely GOP (37)
weak GOP Weak GOP (66)
strong GOP Strong GOP (183)
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News from the Votemaster

Every state wants to hold its primary or caucus before all the other ones. This might well lead to a train wreck. In particular, Florida has now leap frogged everyone and wants to hold its primary Jan. 29, the same day as South Carolina. New Hampshire doesn't like this and may move its primary up a week. This will cause Iowa to move up its caucuses. The only thing one can now state with any certainty is that no state will hold its primary or cacucus prior to May 2007. Anything else is possible. It could easily happen that the vote on Feb. 5, SuperDuperTuesday, is so fragmented that the later primaries and caucuses become the important ones, thus punishing all the states that have moved up to Feb. 5.

Having each state trying to one up all the other states is no way to elect a President. We really need a more orderly process spread over four or five months, possibly with the order of the primaries and caucuses rotating over the years so that a state that went early in 2008 goes late in 2012, etc.

Here is the current list as best as I can determine them, but no doubt some of these dates will change in the next few months. In fact, some states are already considering changes.

Democratic Primaries and Caucuses

Jan. 14 - IA
Jan. 19 - NV
Jan. 22- NH
Jan. 29 - SC, FL
Feb. 05 - AL, AZ, AR, CA, DE, Democrats Abroad, GA, ID, MO, NJ, NM, NY, OK, TN, UT
Feb. 09 - NE, LA, MI
Feb. 10- ME
Feb. 12- DC, MD, VA
Feb. 19- WI
Feb. 26- HI
March ?? - American Samoa, Guam, ND, U.S. Virgin Islands, WY
March 04- CT, GA, MA, MN, OH, RI, TX, VT
March 08- KS
March 11- MS
March 18- IL
April ?? - AK
April 01- PA
May 06 - IN, NC
May 13- WV
May 20- KY, OR
May 27- WA
June 03 - MT, SD

Republican Primaries and Caucuses

Jan. 14 - IA
Jan. 19 - NV
Jan. 22 - NH, WY
Jan. 29 - FL
Feb. 2 - SC
Feb. 5 - AL, AZ , AR , CA , DE , GA , MI , MO , NJ , NM , NY , ND , OK , TN , UT, WV
Feb. 9 - LA
Feb. 10 - ME
Feb. 12 - MD, VA
Feb. 19 - MN, WI
March 4 - CT, MA, OH, TX, VT
March 11 - MS, WA
March 18 - IL, RI
April 1 - KS
April 15 - CO
April 22 - PA
May 6 - IN, NC
May 10 - WY
May 13 - NE, WV
May 17 - AK
May 20 - KY, OR
May 27 - ID
June 3 - MT, SD
June 6 - HI

This page is the prototype for 2008. The data and map will refer to previous elections until serious polls begin in 2008. The blog will be updated when there is interesting news about the 2008 races.

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This map shows the current Senate. Put your mouse on a state for more information.

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-- The Votemaster

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