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News from the Votemaster

No Senate polls today. Sundays rarely have polls. To compensate for this, there is a new cartoon on the political humor page.

Newsweek published a poll saying that people prefer the Democrats to run Congress by a large margin: 50% to 38%. Sounds impressive, huh? But it means zero. Zilch. In parctice, people in California have nothing to say about Congress. Nor in Utah, Indiana, or Vermont. None of those races are even faintly competiive.

Control of the Senate will come down to five states where the Republican incumbent is in trouble (Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island) plus a handful of other states that could go either way. In the House, maybe 50 districts of the 435 are competitive; the rest are all gerrymandered to make sure the incumbent wins.

One of the competitive races is the Tennessee Senate seat being vacated by Bill Frist so he can make a (most likely pointless) run for the White House in 2008. It just got more interesting because Rep. Harold Ford is facing former Chattanooga mayor, Bob Corker, and the latter just got subpoenaed in a case involving real estate owned by Corker. The Tennessean reports that Corker helped get Wal-Mart a permit to buid an access road through a wilderness area and he is being sued over this. It could help Ford in this close race.

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absentee ballot for overseas voter