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Campaigns Waiting Anxiously for Supreme Court

No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the ACA and the individual mandate, that ruling is sure to shake up the campaigns and dominate the news for weeks. It is hard to imagine any ruling that is won't be controversial. If the entire law is struck down (because it does not contain a severability clause), one of Mitt Romney's arguments for voting for him ("Vote for me because I will repeal Obamacare") goes away, but the ruling will inflame the Democrats. If the law is left intact, it will enrage Republicans. If the mandate is struck down but the rest of the law is left intact, the insurance companies will go bananas because requiring them to accept all customers even seriously sick ones, without th cushion of tens of millions of healthy customers will destroy the industry. Whatever the Court rules, the decision will have a huge effect on the election. A decision is expected within 2 weeks.

Today's Presidential Polls

State Obama Romney   Start End Pollster
New Jersey 56% 33%   May 31 Jun 04 Rutgers/Eagleton