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Is Romney's Mormon Religion a Campaign Issue?

When Joe Lieberman ran for Vice President, his Judaism was much discussed, in no small part because Lieberman put it on the table and made no bones about it. Reporters were constantly asking him what would happen if he became President and the United States were attacked on the sabbath. Would he go to the oval office to work? Lieberman replied that Judaism permits working on the sabbath to save lives, so there was no problem. Surprisingly enough, Lieberman was exceptionally popular with evangelical Christians because unlike Al Gore, who didn't like talking about religion at all, Lieberman would talk about it all day if you gave him the chance.

The question this year is how much is the Mormon religion going to be an issue? The Washington Post has a story today about this topic. While there are parallels between Romney and Lieberman, there are also important differences. For one, Lieberman loved talked about his religion; Romney hates doing so and always evades questions about it. Second, on the whole, Judaism is probably better known to most voters than Mormonism. Third, some of the beliefs that Mormons hold run counter to what most Christians believe. For example, Mormons believe that Jesus visited North America after his resurrection. Also, Mormons believe that when Jesus returns to earth, he will appear in Missouri. Most Christians believe he will return in Jerusalem. Relatively few people know these beliefs, and if Romney gets his way, it will stay like that. Now it is up to the media how deeply they will dig into the Mormon religion and how far they will push Romney on the topic.

Ten Potential Game Changers that Could Happen Before the Election

We all know that in politics, a week is a long time. What could happen between now and November that would make everyone forget the May jobs report instantly? The Hill has compiled a list of 10 potential events that could upend the campaign. Here is the list.

It's Obama vs. Clinton in New Jersey

Bill Clinton is going to spend today campaigning for Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) in New Jersey. By itself, Clinton campaigning for Democrats is nothing special. Clinton's favorite activity (at least his favorite public activity) is hitting the campaign trail. What is unusual is that this race is a Democratic primary pitting two incumbent congressman who have been thrown into the same district by the New Jersey state legislature against one another. Clinton is supporting Pascrell and Obama is supporting his opponent, Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ). This odd situation with Clinton and Obama being on opposite sides goes back to the 2008 presidential primary when Pascrell supported Hillary Clinton and Rothman supported Obama. Neither Clinton nor Obama has forgotten, so now they are facing off in Tuesday's primary election.

Today's Senate Polls

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Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren 45% Scott Brown 43%     May 29 May 31 Western New England U.