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Senate Dem 58   GOP 41   Ties 1
House Dem 257   GOP 178  

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News from the Votemaster

Democrat Murphy Takes the Lead in NY-20

Businessman Scott Murphy (D) has taken the lead over Assembly minority leader Jim Tedisco (R) in Tuesday's special election for Kirsten Gillibrand's vacant seat in NY-20 according to a new poll from Siena College.

The Libertarian candidate, Eric Sundwall, who was kicked off the ballot by Republican operatives who challenged his petition signatures, got his revenge by endorsing Murphy.

Although President Obama hasn't appeared in the district to campaign for Murphy, he has made radio ads for Murphy. Murphy has also sent out out flyers covered with photos of Obama.

A Democratic win in this Republican district will be demoralizing to the GOP as the Democrats will trumpet it as support for Obama's presidency so far. Of course, a Republican win will be spun by the Republicans as a rejection of Obama's policies. Either way, Tuesday's results will be read as if they were goat entrails in the old days.

Carnahan Leads in Missouri Senate Race

A new poll on the 2010 Senate race in Missouri shows Democrat Robin Carnahan leading both of her potent (by 3%)ial Republican challengers, Roy Blunt (by 3%) and Sarah Steelman (by 8%). The seat is vacant due to the retirement of Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO).

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