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News from the Votemaster

Note: Updates will be sparse a few more days due to travel.

Villaraigosa Will Not Run for Governor of California     Permalink

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D) has announced that he will not run for governor of California in 2010. He had been widely expected to be a candidate but his polls are way down and unemployment in Los Angeles is way up, far above the national and state averages. His personal life is also a mess. His marriage broke up as a result of his affair with a local television newswoman. In other words, Villaraigosa clearly realized that he had little chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

The main Democratic contenders now are former governor (and current Attorney General) Jerry Brown and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. If Sen. Dianne Feinstein runs--an outside possibility--she will become the instant favorite. On the Republican side, former CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman is tentatively leading, but an open governor's mansion in the nation's most populous state could yet attract other candidates.

Democrats Have the Edge in the Ohio Senate Race     Permalink

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) is retiring, and both parties are gearing up for a huge fight in this swing state. Two Democrats are slugging it out for the nomination, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (the establishment candidate) and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (the insurgent). The Republican candidate is almost certain to be former representative and former U.S. trade representative Rob Portman. A new PPP poll shows Fisher leading Portman 41% to 32% and Brunner leading Portman 40% to 32%. While a bloody primary could damage both Democrats, it could also increase name recognition for the winner, something both of them could use. A problem Portman is going to have to deal with no matter which Democrat wins is his close ties to the Bush administration.

Dodd Coming Back in Connecticut     Permalink

The popularity of Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) had reached an all-time low but now appears to be coming back as local activists are (grudgingly) supporting him again. There is no attempt to dump him for a primary opponent as there was in 2006 when businessman Ned Lamont defeated Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) in the Democratic primary, only to see Lieberman be reelected as an independent. Dodd has made a big deal about his bill reigning in some of the credit card companies worst abuses. With Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) fighting brain cancer, Dodd may play a big role in the upcoming health care reform battles. Unlike Lieberman, who many Democrats accused of being a DINO, no one doubts that Dodd, one of the most liberal members of the Senate, is a Democrat through and through.

Palin May Not Seek Reelection in Alaska     Permalink

Politico is reporting that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) will not run for reelection in 2010 and that both Democrats and Republicans are lining up to run for governor. If Palin decides to forego releection, virtually everyone will assume she is running for President in 2012 as she could easily be reelected as governor. The problem with being governor is that Alaska is too far from Iowa and New Hampshire and campaigning there while living in Wasilla and governing in Juneau would be a logistical nightmare for her. As a former governor, she would be free to spend long periods of time in Iowa and New Hampshire without anyone yelling that she was putting her personal ambitions above her gubernatorial duties.

May Fundraising Totals Posted     Permalink

Swing State Project has posted the May totals for the Senate, House, and national committees, as follows:

Committee May receipts May expenditures Cash-on-Hand Debt Net
DCCC $3.4 M $2.5 M $5.0 M $6.7 M $-1.7M
DSCC $3.5 M $2.0 M $4.0 M $4.2 M $-0.2 M
DNC $8.4 M $5.3 M $12.1 M $5.6 M $6.5 M
NRCC $3.2 M $3.2 M $3.7 M $4.0 M $-0.3 M
NRSC $4.5 M $3.5 M $3.7 M $0 $3.7 M
RNC $5.8 M $8.7 M $21.5 M $0 $21.5 M

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